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LaserTank is probably one of the most difficult and the most extensive free logic games in the world available on the official website: LaserTankpedia is an encyclopedia containing a lot of information about the game: data of 20 312 levels with screenshots divided into 13 collections and 6 levels of difficulty, statistics of 1 409 authors of levels and 190 record-holders, links to solutions for many levels.

LaserTankpedia is designed for mobile devices and computers.

      LaserTankpedia contains:
      - 68 index pages,
      - 1 802 statistics pages,
      - 4 209 pages of the list of boards,
      - 20 312 pages with boards.
      - 835 categories.
      A total of 26 394 pages.
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LaserTank is the game from the heart.